The firm E. & K. TASSIS CO has created and maintains a complete infrastructure that provides the best conditions for products and services production and control to customers. This is achieved by the use and monitoring of valid and appropriate processes.
The firm E. & K. TASSIS CO deals with the design and manufacture of metal accessories and structures using the methods of hot working, cold working and metals welding using a variety of raw materials and metals such as copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and various other steels such as St - 37, St-44, St-52 and CK-60.
The company operates in a traditional industrial sector and implements manufacturing processes which are designed and tested for several decades (cutting, metals shaping, welding, etc.).
Validation of manufacturing processes.
The validation of product and services production processes, namely the confirmation of their ability to produce the desired product or service quality is a primary concern of the company.
For the validation may be used:
The prior experience of the company.
The existing documentation and the existing good industry practices.
The assignment of validation to experts.
Communication with the customer.
Production Departments Description
Product Design
The company E. & K. TASSIS CO implements the production of its products according to the drawings, the specifications and the special requirements of its customers. Also the company makes the design of new products based on previous experience and the constant monitoring of market developments.
After the design phase and its validation, the production moulds are manufactured by adequate and qualified personnel for each product.
Product Design
Moulds manufacture
Forging Department
The moulds manufacture is followed either by hot working using heat treating furnace for the glow of the metal and the use of friction type forging presses for the forging process or by cold working using the eccentric presses for the forging process.
Hot working using heat treating furnace for the glow of metal first phase
Hot working using heat treating furnace for the glow of metal second phase
Hot working third phase. Drop Forging using friction type forging press
Cold working using eccentric presses
Machining Process
The components to be manufactured are machined using various lathes.
Machining photo 1
Machining photo 2
Machining photo 3
Welding Department
The various components to be manufactured are welded either using a welding robot CLOOS type or welded by hand using various types of welding machines MIG or TIG.
Robotic Welding
TIG Welding
Semi-automatic Welding
Other manufacturing processes
Other processes of production include the cutting of various raw material pipes and metals in sawing machine, the sheet metal cutting in hydraulic shears, the machining of various parts in milling cutter, the various drillings and the creation of threads in the drilling machines.
Pipe cutting in sawing machine
Sheet Metal cutting in hydraulic shears
Machining in milling cutter
Drilling in the drilling machines
Surface Treatment
The various components that we manufacture are zinc plated / hot dip galvanized according to the specifications and requirements of our customers using suitable certified external suppliers.
Assembly - Packaging-Storage
The finished products are assembled, packaged and stored according to the requirements of our customers on pallets, wooden crates and boxes so as to be stored or delivered in perfect condition.
Packaging in boxes
Packaging in pallets
The finished products are delivered to our customers with the use of external freight carriers or with the use of our customer transport means.
Delivery at PPC SA truck
Loading in PPC SA open truck
Factory Infrastructure
The physical infrastructure of the company consists of:
Equipment and tools for the production implementation
Production Moulds and fixtures
Auxiliary equipment
The test and measurement instruments
The company E. & K. TASSIS CO combines traditional technology production with the latest technology such as the recent introduction of robotic technology in the welding production process.
The production infrastructure is maintained and operated so as to ensure the required quality of production and to minimise as much as possible the cost due to any faults and delays.
So as production is implemented with reliability and according to customer specifications all company equipment is tested, inspected and maintained regularly.
Also the company has a preventive equipment maintenance program which complies with the requirements of production equipment and which directly address the failures of the equipment.
Plant Description
Total covered plant area: 560 square meters, of which 500sq.m is main area and 60 m is loft. In addition there are 250 m of auxiliary space.
The main production equipment:
5 eccentric presses with 20-100 tons capacity for metals cutting and rolling.
3 FRICTION type forging presses for forging metal with capacities from 100 to 250 tons.
Heat Treating Furnace for glowing metal to be forged.
2 milling cutters for working flat surfaces and different groove shapes.
1 planer for planing.
8 lathes for machining (turning).
1 lathe tracer for copying parts which are lathe machined
1 hydraulic shears for cutting sheet metal.
2 sawing machines for cutting metal.
2 rotary welding machines for regional and rotary welding.
2 MIG welding machines.
2 TIG welding machines.
1 CLOOS welding Robot.
1 semiautomatic welding mechanism.
The ancillary production equipment:
9 drilling machines for drilling.
5 grinding wheels.
1 finisher machine for cleaning surfaces.
1 strapping machine for packing boxes.
Other sites:
Moulds and Fixtures shelves.
Samples and office space.