Quality Policy
The company E. & K. TASSIS CO is a company with long tradition in metal products manufacturing. It respects its name and its customers. It works with first priority to products and services quality. The increased demands of our customers, our sensitivity for the proper functioning of the company, coupled with the increasing competition nationally and internationally, require the continuous improvement of our quality at all levels. The main components which constitute the quality of our company products and services are:
No product consignment will reach the customer without first being subjected to quality control.
Full coverage of customers specifications.
Dealing with any customer made complaint.
Providing information to the customer for the use of our products.
The coverage of regulations and directives related to products use safety.
To prove, to confirm and to establish the success to ourselves, our clients and all who respect our work, we proceeded to design and implement of the Quality Management System in accordance with standard ISO 9001.
Production Quality Design
For each enterprise produced product, there is a detailed quality design, consistent with the planning of all production and support processes and is best achieved by using the programs and forms of quality and especially the following:
Production and Contol Phases forms and production planning / reporting and control Forms.
Instructions for quality control.
Instructions for production and maintenance work.
Specifications and product drawings where possible.
The quality system is designed so as to meet successfully all the requirements of the produced metal products.
Quality Controls
Quality control of incoming raw and auxiliary materials and incoming finished products.
Raw and auxiliary materials used for the company production are controlled according to the incoming materials quality control directive. The Quality Control Manager, in consultation with the responsible production and purchasing managers, inspect all raw and auxiliary materials. Quality control of incoming finished products is made according to the incoming finished product quality control form and the incoming materials quality control directive.
Quality control is carried out on receipt of goods by the person responsible for quality control in our premises or by competent inspection service supplier of finished products before loading at the supplier premises.
Quality control during production
The Company's products are tested during the production process with the help of production planning / reporting and control Forms and the Production and control Phases Forms where applicable.
During the manufacturing process of each phase, the operator of the machine of this phase of production is responsible for controlling the operation of production equipment and products. The production manager is responsible for continuous supervision and may do random checks of production.
The person responsible for Quality inspect products at every stage of production process by performing random checks.
The frequency of inspections depends on the type and frequency of emerging problems. Elements that affect the frequency of checks are for example the frequent occurrence of nonconforming products, reports from workers for a defect raw material, new or old dies, complaints from customers, etc.
Fire Hydrant final pressure test before customer shipment
Hot dip galvanisation thickness measurement
Dimensional check
Checks carried out during the production are the following:
Dimension checks
Form and application checks
Tensile strength, compression, etc.
Good application, where applicable
Packing and quantity
The exact criteria for controls are included in the customer contract and order drawings and specifications.
Specific processes
Specific processes in the company are:
Welding steel and aluminum
Annealing steel and aluminum rarely
Zinc coating / hot dip galvanisation and other plating
For control of these processes the following are provided:
Continuous monitoring during the welding by the production manager.
Procedures for certification of company welders.
Controls in annealed species and obligation of the supplier to deliver a certificate of annealing.
Controls in zinc plated / hot dip galvanised parts and obligation of the supplier to deliver a certificate of zinc plating / hot dip galvanisation.
Quality control of intermediate products
Company products are produced using molds and patterns and thus achieve uniformity of production. The situation of moulds is monitored by measuring the products and their outer surface.
For the few products that remain for some time as semi-finished, apply the same tests during production except from the packaging and quantity control.
If there is any suspicion of quality problem, the Quality Control Manager can conduct additional random checks after production even at products that are already checked.
If problems are identified in the product, the testing of the finished product is performed in a larger sample where sorting is also done. If the problem is of great extent and is serious, the form of remedial action if filled by the Quality Manager, which provides the proper Corrective Action for the problems identified.
Immediately the client is informed about a possible delay in delivery.
Final quality checks
The quality control is completed only after checking the packaging, which thus allows the loading and shipment of product to the customer. In the case of contracts with customers such as Public Power Company and Athens Water Company, inspections of product to be delivered are conducted by competent inspectors in our premises or at relevant external testing laboratories such as KDEP.
1. Detailed production and control phases forms.
2. Materials supply form.
3. Incoming finished product quality control form.
4. Production planning / reporting and control form.
5. Final product quality control form.
6. Instructions for equipment working.
7. Incoming materials quality control directive.
8. Final product quality control directive.
9. Corrective action Forms for Non-conformities address.